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One of the largest contiguous areas of our winery is located in the Bocor vineyard. We have 8.2 hectares of our own plantation in the 45-hectare area. Although the area with basically few nutrients was left "waste" for a long time, we now know well: it has excellent properties for growing grapes, for high-alcohol, well-ripened raw materials. Often 0.5-1 kg of grapes grow on the stem.



The Bocor vineyard in Kisharsány got its name from the period when it was still a wild area overgrown with bushes, especially in the upper part. It was difficult to cultivate, people did not like to go up there. No trees grew in Bocor between Fekete-hegy and Tenkes-hegy, only hawthorn and other wild, lush bushes (Hungarian: Bokor - hence the common name).

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