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Family Estate

anno 1990

"Our planting in the Villányi Wine Region began in 1990, Cabernet Sauvignon and Kékoportó. I couldn't wait to put the Oportó (Kékoportó) into a 15 hectoliter ace barrel: it turned out to be an amazingly good wine. Then, when we harvested the first Cabernet Sauvignon, we put it in a barrel to mature for 18 months. Two years later, we received a Gold Medal for this wine at Vinagora, where the Günzer winery made its debut."

- Zoltán Günzer

Wine Farm

Our Story

In the Villány wine region, we have been engaged in grape growing and winemaking for generations. The family farm started operating in 1990, initially with half a hectare of plantations, selling 1,500 bottles of wine a year. Today, we have 25 hectares of our own territory and sell 200,000 bottles of wine.

Our technological investment started in 2001 and continues today, since high-quality grapes and technology are inseparable. We try to make the most of the natural properties of our wines, paying attention to the specific values ​​of each vineyard. We believe in the scale of family farms, where we have a close connection to every phase of work and production.

Get to know the family.

Zoltán Günzer

Winery, Viticulture

Bea Günzer


Norman Günzer

Sales, Office, Marketing

Lorett Günzer



Villányi Wine Region

The Villányi Wine Region is located in the southern part of Transdanubia, in Baranya County, on the southern slopes of the Villányi Mountains. In Hungary's southernmost wine region with a sub-Mediterranean climate, grapes are grown on only 2,500 hectares. Not only at home, but also abroad, many people follow the concentration of the human and nature of the Villány vineyard in the wine. Centuries-old winemaking traditions make the Villány wine region one of Hungary's most famous red wine-producing areas. Hungary's top red wines are produced in this small wine region in southern Baranya.

The first full-fledged protection of origin system was built here.


The loess, clayey soils formed on sedimentary limestone of marine origin are excellent for the creation of strong, full-bodied red wines. The location is the most decisive factor in the quality and development of the wine's character. Due to the east-west orientation of the mountain range, the vineyards are protected from the north winds. Southern hillsides heat up much more in the sun. The number of hours of sunshine here in South Baranya is the highest in the country, which plays a decisive role in the life of the grapes.

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