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The aim of our winery is to preserve the natural state of the soil and the living communities, and to reduce the environmental effects caused by the winemaking processes. During our work processes, we prioritize the use of alternative energy sources and the reasonable use of human labor.

Borászat Napelem


Use of solar panels

We have installed a solar system above our winery, which covers our energy needs for the whole year. In this way, we do not use fossil fuels and also reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. With the help of solar panels, we produce clean, renewable and cheap electricity, which contributes to our sustainability.


Energy from our own forest

The heating is done entirely with wood from our own forest, which is always replanted. In this way, we not only keep the wine cellars and our guests warm, but also maintain the ecological balance of the forest.

We process the wood with our own workforce, thus supporting the reasonable use of human labor in the winter months.




We mostly use recycled materials for packaging to protect the environment. We make our wine bottles and cardboard boxes from recycled glass and paper, which are suitable for further reuse. Our bottles are also made of lightweight glass, thus reducing the extra pollution associated with their transport.


Plant protection from rainwater

Rainwater from the entire roof surface of our winery is channeled directly into an underground storage tank designed for this purpose. This quantity covers our entire annual use, thanks to which we do not use mains water at all during plant protection.

Sustainable viticulture
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