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The area closest to the town of Villány, with excellent facilities. Thanks to the cauldron effect, it retains the amount of heat, and its south-southeast location makes it absolutely suitable for making premium wines. The production area is an ​​excellent Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot growing place.



The Vineyard was recultivated in 2014, resulting in a beautiful, south-facing slope. The area has a heating effect, as a result of which the amount of heat is trapped, and the last rays of the sun still reach the plant. Longitudinal planting and terrace cultivation can also be found here. The latter is 100% hand-cultivated.


A legend is also attached to the name of the vineyard. For weeks after the Battle of Szársomlyó (1687), the wails of the Turks, who suffered an ugly defeat, could be heard. The area got its name from there, as it is the Jammertal mourning valley. According to many, the most beautiful wines are produced in this region.

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