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"MISTER" Wine Club

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Membership benefits


Our club members have the opportunity to own a vault in the cellar of the winery. The individually designed storage areas provide an optimal environment for aging the bottles. During wine tastings, you can access your vault at any time, and we handle your bottles with the utmost care.


Wine club members can enjoy the benefits of discounted purchases of wine and accessories, whether online or in person. They also receive various discounts on the price of local consumption.

Limited wines

In the event of a vintage change of grand selection wines, we always separate a minimum amount of bottles. We will reserve these bottles for purchase by our club members for a while longer. In addition, we offer additional special wines for our club members.


Our members are invited to our private events at the Estate. Vertical tastings, special evenings.

A következő tagságok közül választhat

  • MISTER Borklub

    Every year
    • 150.000 Ft értékben bor
    • Trezor bérlet 1 évre
    • 10 % kedvezmény helyben fogyasztásra
    • 10 % kedvezmény webshop rendelés esetén
    • Meghívó a privát rendezvényeinkre
    • Díjmentes Ördögárok túra

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