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The Cabernet Franc is the current flagship of the Villány wine region. This is the variety that allows Villány to reach world-class levels, and so winemakers make the truly great premium wines from this variety. It is made from mature grapes that are rich in tannins. It never becomes as robust or harsh as the Cabernet Sauvignon can sometimes be. This is an elegant and inviting variety which greatly requires an ageing period. However, there are huge differences between the average yields, vine loads and terrains of individual winemakers. The Günzer Family Wine Estate strives to create a Cabernet Franc that retains its fruitiness, isn't 'over-oaked', and retains its 'drinkability' by using tanks as well as French barrels over the ripening period. The Cabernet Franc is a classic quality red wine that is the perfect choice in terms of value for money. Its intrinsic values markedly surpass its ’classic' denomination.

Cabernet Franc 2017

  • DATA

    Variety100% Cabernet FrancVineyardDobogó, Jammertal, CsillagvölgyCapital load1.5 - 2.0 kg / capitalHarvest dateEarly OctoberAlcohol14.0%Acid5.1g/lResidual sugar2.0g/lSugar-free extract29.4g/lMaturationFrench oakMaturation time12 months

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