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Wine experience at vineyards

At the foot of the Villányi mountain, the interior of our family-style hospitality evokes a Tuscan atmosphere. Lots of wood, broken bricks, leather and warm colors make the time spent here truly homely. The panorama of the vineyard and a wonderful sunset crown the experience of tasting the premium wines here.


Of course, the drinks are accompanied by excellent food. We offer cold dishes and home-baked dishes to order.



Egyéni időpontfoglalással kapcsolatban kérjük vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot:


Ördögárok Tour

One of the most exciting programs of our winery is the Ördögárok Tour. In addition to wine tasting, it is possible to get to know nature more closely and to get a glimpse into the world of viticulture. Our guests can get a taste of the life of the winery, all during an experience-rich adventure tour. The tour begins aboard the winery's own off-road vehicle, with a specially designed bench on its platform. During the program, we will visit several vineyards that are key for Villány (Jammertal, Csillagvölgy, Ördögarok). We offer a close-up experience for grape lovers, which ends with a beautiful panorama.

Ördögárok túra

Ha a kijelölt napon minden időpont foglalt, kérjük vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot és egyeztetjük a lehetőségeket:

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