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Hand Harvest

In our winery, our commitment to excellence begins with the careful selection of grape clusters. Hand-harvesting is essential for quality, ensuring that only the healthiest bunches end up in the cellar.



Gently Picking

The hand-harvested bunches are carefully removed from the stem with a gentle berry pick, taking care not to damage the berries. The grapes obtained in this way remain intact, which is an important element of grape selection.


Grape Selection

The whole berries are placed on a vibration table, where two of our employees hand-pick them during the harvest. During the process, inappropriate elements such as damaged berries, leaves, stalk remains, and bugs are sorted out, so only the perfect berries are put into the tank for fermentation.


During the hand harvest, only healthy bunches can enter the winery.


Stem parts can impart undesirable flavors and aromas to the wine, so it is essential to exclude them.

Without the impurities removed during picking and selection, the wines will be clearer and more harmonious.

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